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I’m Kristof, and in this video I’m going to tell you everything you want to know about the training. However, if you’re going to have any questions after the video and after reading the informations below, feel free to ask here.

This is a dedicated page for motorcyclists who doesn’t speak Hungarian, and looking for a street-based motorcycle training near to Budapest.

Please watch the video first, this way you’re going to have a fast understanding of the training and the website.

What you will learn

As I mentioned above, this is a private 4 hours session. Only you and me. I chose this format, because this is the most effective way to improve someone’s skills.

These are the main points of the training, but we will go the direction which is most important for you, or which I consider the most important after watching you riding.

– braking techniques, inc emergency braking and trail braking

– steering and suspension adjustment

– low and high speed turning techniques

– choosing the right point of view in city traffic and in the corners

– engine management techniques, proper throttle usage in turns

– choosing the right curves and lines while riding on a curvy road

– riding and steering techniques in serpentines

– body positioning techniques for low and high speed

– finding the right entry speed into a turn

– how can you correct your curve in the turns

– fast and smooth up and downshifting techniques


As many of you probably know, I have been obsessed with motorcycles since I was a child, I got my first scooter from my father when I was 9 years old.

The passion soon took hold of me, there were practically no 2 years when I only had one motorcycle, around the age of 12 I started tuning scooters at home, and I also went out to compete with them. These were the first competitions that get you hooked very easily. Flawless asphalt, damn good grip, and if you slip, you won’t find yourself in the front lane.

In the following years, I went through the donkey ladder almost every cubic centimeter….Yamaha Aerox, Cagiva Mito, Aprilia RS125, Ninja 400, GSX-Rs….and I could write about them for a long time.

From the first minute, riding a motorcycle meant relaxation and hair-raising pleasures for me, in which case you don’t have time to pay attention to anything else, only what’s in front of you and what you’re doing. This is not the kind of hobby where your mind can wander, if you don’t concentrate 100% on what you do and how you do it, the warning signs will come very quickly.

This training is the sum/result of these experiences and continuous self-development, which I wanted to prepare in an easy-to-process and 21st-century form that is accessible to anyone, and I am sure that you can learn a lot from it up to a more serious advanced level who wants to be a better motorcyclist.

Many of the participants of the training came to me specifically the day after they passed their road test, and many of them decided to come for a session after 15-20 years of active or less active motorcycling.

This was the same with me when I was younger. I pushed the limits, I didn’t listen to other people’s advice, and as a result, I couldn’t even count my falls on the street and track on one hand.

Basically, they made me want to be more aware, to be fully aware of what works and what doesn’t. What if I do this and what happens if I do it a little differently. From the age of 16 or 17, I consciously dealt with these questions, while I rode my bike to school on a daily basis, later to work, to Mátra on weekends, or somewhere else in the country.

When I started my YouTube channel in 2019, at first I just wanted to share my motorcycle adventures and the knowledge I gained.

In the meantime, the channel actually changed as my life changed. In other words, when I completely switched to track motorcycling, there were only track riding videos, and when I started to miss adventuring, this kind of content came to the fore. I currently have a BMW F800GS touring enduro and a Honda CBR500R track bike, so I take both lines as much as I can in my time.

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